The Avra Valley Fire District purchased two large water tenders from TruckWorks. They delivered superb products, on time, at very reasonable prices. They followed that up with great customer service a year later when we requested some modifications be made to one of the trucks. There are a lot of challenges for rural fire districts with dirt roads and access problems that rattle many vehicles apart. These trucks are tough. They have been dependable and functional. They are also the best looking firetrucks in our fleet. My guys tell me that it is the “talk of the camp” when it is deployed to wildfires. I never hesitate to recommend TruckWorks to other fire districts who are looking to have trucks built. 

What stands out the most about TruckWorks is their willingness to stand behind what they build. They provided photos and regular updates while they were building the trucks. Then they stopped by our fire station to look them over and check for problems after they were delivered. When we had questions or requested modifications they were very helpful and accommodating. Not only does it look fantastic but it operates smoothly and easily. It has all the power that we could want and it has proven to be a real workhorse.

Thank you!

Chief Delfs
Avra Valley Fire District

Thank you for all your work on this truck. We are all really looking forward to using it. We think it will help our small district out a lot. It will definitely put less burden on our pickups fighting fire. Once again thank you.


Jason Wanken
Fire Chief of Chester Volunteer Fire Dept
Chester, MT

I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for a wonderful job you did on my water truck. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship of the fabricators. Attention to detail is a sign of great work and it is shown throughout the job. Everything from the design of the back bumper to the tubing used to hide the wiring. Everything seems to have a lot of thought put into it to make it functional yet clean. The plumbing was simple and neat. I was a bit surprised about the valve on the front bumper, however, it has come in very useful and probably my favorite so far. The paint job is great. It’s the perfect color and looks great with the front fenders painted the same. I don’t want to forget about the guy who had the task of sandblasting the inside and putting the food grade epoxy on it. That must have been a horrible job. But you stepped up and did it well. Thanks! (Maybe I can talk Mike into buying you a beer.) I get compliments everyday on how beautiful it is. I am very proud and honored to be driving a truck like this. You all should pat yourselves on the back for a job well done. I wish I could pass on every compliment I get about the truck, but hopefully this will do. I know we were in a bit of a rush to complete the truck and I appreciate your time and efforts to do so.

I also want to thank Mike and Heather for their part. You were both always available when we needed you and were always very professional. Thanks again. You have a wonderful team at TruckWorks and should be very proud of what you do. If more companies put as much pride and quality into their work as you do, America would be a much better place. I look forward to my next TruckWorks truck next year. I get to Arizona one in awhile, maybe I can get a tour and a chance to meet all of you. Until then, be safe and keep up the great work.

Carl Loven
Mile Hi Water
Boulder Colorado