As a professional looking to own a fully loaded lube and fuel truck, we understand you need a truck that not only provides refueling and maintenance equipment to the job site, but one that continues to perform its job for years to come. Your truck should withstand the harsh conditions of on or off-road terrain, while not compromising safety. And while all lube and fuel trucks may share some of the same duties, not all trucks have to carry the same equipment. As leaders in the tanker manufacturing industry, TruckWorks will engineer and fabricate a truck to your exact specifications using our diverse product line of high quality equipment. Starting from a new or used chassis, you can select from tanks from a wide range of gallon capacity, pumping systems, compressors, reels, metering equipment, and other lube and fuel equipment.

TruckWorks strives to exceed the standards of other tanker manufacturers to produce trucks that deserve their spot on the frontline. Using advanced engineering techniques, we help reduce the challenges lube and fuel trucks experience to keep your equipment in the field where it belongs. There’s no such thing as a shortcut here. We take our time and go the extra mile so that your truck is ready to hit the road as soon as you get it.

Are you ready for your own personalized truck? Visit our Fuel Truck or Lube Truck pages for our specific capabilities and to view photos of past projects! This is just the beginning of finally getting a fuel and lube truck specifically designed with you and your business in mind.