Waste Oil Trucks

You should be able to rely on the durability and performance of your waste oil truck to get the job done, without continuous updates to your equipment. Your truck should collect waste oil efficiently and continue to serve the waste oil industry for years, while not compromising the safety of its operators. Although many understand these needs from their truck, businesses often settle for less or sacrifice the equipment they need just to get a truck. Not us. TruckWorks will not only ease the truck buying process through expert guidance and a diverse product line, but we will help you select the proper design configurations that work specifically for your business’ characteristics. We will ask about the mandatory capabilities your truck needs to operate, along with additional equipment you want to make your entire waste oil collection process more efficient. You can choose from our top waste oil pumps or distribution system options, storage compartments, lighting options, and an array of other waste oil equipment. Believe us when we say we aren’t your ordinary truck manufacturer.

TruckWorks has a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities and we produce in-house all of the equipment you need to collect waste oil. Although it’s a process we perform to stay ahead of our competition, being a fully-capable manufacturer isn’t the only benefit that sets us apart from others. It’s our engineering approach that ensures durability by design, producing cutting-edge trucks fit for the way your business operates. Using advanced SolidWorks modeling, stress analysis and weight distribution simulations, we design and fabricate trucks that can overcome the challenges waste oil trucks face today. A proficient pumping system capable of picking up waste oil from Jiffy Lube locations, ocean ports, and other maintenance facilities that accumulate waste motor oil can all be achieved with a custom equipped truck. Our trucks also feature lift gates that can carry movable barrels or totes, and built-in ladders and platforms on tanks that promote operator safety and provide protection from falling. Owning a truck with every component—from the tanks to the level gauges—engineered with you in mind can significantly increase productivity and simplify the use of your truck, delivering more power and value to your operation and driving you further ahead of your competition.

Before waste oil trucks entered the market, dumping wast oil directly into the ground and contaminating ground water was common. This is exactly why using waste oil trucks as a revolutionary green initiative for recycling oil is important for everyone. TruckWorks strives to provide high-quality trucks that come fully loaded using advanced technology and engineering design. Not all service calls for oil waste are the same. So equip your truck with the proper tools to recycle oil in any situation by working with a leader in the wast oil truck industry.

Additional Features

Here are a few of the waste oil truck features that we offer:

  • Tank capacities ranging from 500-4,500 gallons
  • Available in mild steel, stainless, and aluminum
  • Hot shift, PTO or hydraulic drive options
  • Single and multi-compartment tanks
  • Grounding reels, brake interlock, emergency shut-offs, and grounding lugs for safety
  • Filter strainers and baskets
  • Storage compartments, sample and hose storage options available
  • LED vapor proof lighting
  • Level indication and overfill protection systems
  • Barrel Platforms and lift gates
  • Cold weather heating systems
  • Folding handrails – manual and pneumatic

Don’t see a specific feature you need? No problem! Give us a call and we’d be happy to work with you to find or create a solution for you!

Waste Oil Trucks Brochure