Vacuum Trucks

A vacuum truck that can load wet and dry material is the basic need, but we’re here to bring you so much more. At TruckWorks, we will guide you through the entire purchasing process and we will work with you when selecting particular design configurations that work for your business’ operations. As you consider the various options available from our diverse product line, we will identify the mandatory functionalities of your truck as well as your own business’ characteristics. This means you won’t have any unnecessary equipment on your truck, making your entire vacuum truck purchase extremely effective and cost-efficient. You can choose from 500 to 5,000 gallon capacity tanks, pressure washers, hoses, and an array of other equipment options. We have everything you need to transfer liquid and sludge waste for appropriate disposal.

TruckWorks has a comprehensive set of manufacturing capabilities and we produce all of our vacuum truck equipment in-house. Not only does giving customers the ability to purchase a unit to their exact specifications set us apart from our competitors, but so does our unique engineering approach. Using SolidWorks, stress analysis and weight distribution simulations, we fabricate trucks that can overcome the challenges drivers are faced with while on the worksite. These challenges could include vehicle rollover while transferring hazardous chemicals or properly grounding the truck before emptying sludge ponds, cleaning out storage tanks, or other disposal applications.

Proper equipment installation can also increase the efficiency of your operations and overall value of your work. TruckWorks’ vacuum trucks feature full rear- opening, high-lift doors for easy dumping of higher solids materials, such as grease and human waste. Plus, hydraulically operated vibrators make disposal quick and easy. A true leader in the tanker manufacturing industry considers all aspects of the job when engineering your truck, to deliver a truck that’s ready to hit the road as soon as you get it.

Septic Waste Vacuum Truck

The septic waste vacuum truck is designed to meet the requirements of customers providing waste collection services at large events, construction sites, and areas not yet developed. The truck can transfer portable restrooms for delivery or replacement at construction sites. Septic waste vacuum trucks are generally built on single-axle chassis, due to the need to maneuver easily in confined spaces.

Pumper Vacuum Truck

Our pumper vacuum truck is designed to meet the needs of customers engaged in clean-up activities associated with large environmental spills, carwash pit clean-outs, sludge removal, grease trap clean-outs, and hazardous materials removal. Our pumper vacuum trucks are built on tandem-axle chassis, due to the heavy volumes they carry to disposal sites.

Additional Features

Here are a few of the vacuum truck features that we offer:

  • Tank capacities ranging from 500 to 5,000 gallons
  • Available in mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Full length hose trays, worklights and toolbox
  • Multiple custom compartments
  • Roll-off units available
  • Pump options include Jurop, Fruitland, and Masport
  • Hydraulically operated tank lift
  • Hydraulically operated rear door and vibrator
  • Wash down tanks and gas powered pressure washer
  • Heavy duty rear toilet rack with back support

Don’t see a specific feature you need? No problem! Give us a call and we’d be happy to work with you to find or create a solution for you!

Vacuum Trucks Brochure