Fire Tenders

Reliable fire equipment is vital to help you serve and protect our communities. That’s why we provide fire departments with one of the most essential tools for firefighting. Our fire tender equipment is best utilized in rural areas where water is scarce or the only water sources are ponds or other bodies of water. Our fire tenders range in capacities from 500 to 4,000 gallons, and can be used for direct fire-fighting applications or simple nurse tenders. We can work on new or used chassis, making the search for a new fire apparatus even easier for you.

By designing and testing your truck with our advanced engineering software, we help reduce the likelihood of premature failure of a tank’s structure and leaks, maintain proper terrain clearance, and other common problems. If a problem occurs while on-site, it only increases the difficulty of doing your job, requiring you to resolve the firetruck before addressing the emergency. Nothing is more important than feeling confident about your fire apparatus. The more confident you are, the more attention you’ll be able to focus on the emergency at hand—and our goal is to help you do that.

Don’t allow rust to decrease, or worse, put a complete stop to production. With our hot-dip galvanized tank option, your tank will be fully protected from corrosion—inside and out—to ensure durability and strength. Corrosion prevention is extremely important to tanks, especially when it comes to a tank that is built to save lives. As a regular steel tank awaits the next emergency with a tank full of water it can easily develop rust and corrosion, because of the constant presence of moisture. This can cost you major expenses and time away from your truck you can’t afford to lose. Our hot-dip galvanized process begins by fully submerging your tank in molten zinc. After your tank is dipped using our patented process, every corner and curve of your tank is sealed, ultimately making your fire tender corrosion resistant and extremely cost-effective.

Whether you are looking for pump and tank capacity, a certain body style, or a new long-lasting truck, we have what you need. We are known for—and proud to provide all departments with—the best fire tenders that are engineered for each station’s specifications and unique needs. Using our advanced technology and years of experience in the tanker industry, we address all aspects of the fire tender purchasing process including budget constraints, regulations, and lifecycle.

Additional Features

Each of our quality Fire Tenders are in compliance with, and often exceed, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations. Here are few of the Fire Tenders features that we offer:

  • 1,000-1,800 gallon single-axle capacities available
  • 2,000-3,500 gallon tandem-axle capacities available
  • Available in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Exclusive hot-dip galvanized tanks and epoxy lined options available
  • Available pumps include Hale, Darley and Waterous, Berkeley
  • Custom monitors, hose reels, and Kwik dump options available
  • Code 3, Whelen, Tomar, SoundOff Signal, and Federal Signal lighting packages
  • Custom control panels in your choice of finish
  • Fol-Da-Tank under-tank storage standard
  • Multiple rack and toolbox basket options
  • Foam agent injection system

Don’t see a specific feature you need? We’d be happy to work with you to find or create a solution for you!

Fire Trucks Brochure