Whether you need a tank replacement or a total restoration of your truck, we’re here to help with the big stuff. Many times one component of a truck can outlast the other, making it difficult to maintain the same productivity on the job. We’re here to help you figure out the best refurbishment plan to get your truck back in working condition.

Truck Refurbishment Services

We offer a wide range of refurbishment services including:

  • Tank repair and replacement
  • Cab repair and replacement
  • Removal and installation of body on different chassis
  • Axle lengthening or shortening
  • Manufacture custom parts

All of our refurbishment services are done in-house using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality and accuracy.

The Truck Refurbishment Process

Whether we are completely engineering a custom solution or repairing major damages to your truck, we’ll do whatever is needed to get your truck back in pristine condition. All refurbishment projects—no matter how big or small—have a short turnaround time so you’re not without a truck for long. The refurbishment process includes an initial truck inspection, discussions with you to understand your specific refurbishment needs, and a review of your refurbishment options. After selecting a refurbishment option, your truck is worked on in-house by our skilled and trained staff. Once your truck refurbishment services are complete, your refurbished truck will be back on the road looking like a new truck—for a fraction of the price.

Custom Truck Refurbishing

One benefit of working with TruckWorks to refurbish your truck is our ability to engineer custom solutions for you. We understand that you rely on your truck to get your work done, and we want to help improve your truck to help you do better work. This means thinking outside of the box to engineer a refurbishment solution based on how you work. We’re changing how the industry works and we want you to be part of it.