We know that buying a new tank or truck is a big investment.

When you are preparing to make that investment, you want to be sure that your purchase will last as long as possible—which is why we’ve found a way to extend the lifetime of your tank. We have developed tank designs and processes for hot-dip galvanizing baffled liquid hauling tanks, which can double or even triple the life of your tank! While hot-dip galvanizing may seem new to the tanker industry, we’ve been delivering hot-dip galvanized tanks for years using our own unique patented process, meaning no one else can deliver a long lasting tank quite like we can.

What are hot-dip galvanized tanks?

Hot-dip galvanizing follows an exclusive process in which the entire fully-constructed tank is dipped into molten zinc, evenly coating every square inch, inside and out. The zinc coating is embedded into the steel and leaves a zinc finish that seals the steel from corrosive environmental contact. If you’ve heard concerns of hot-dip galvanizing putting too much stress on tanks, that’s just not the case! Our hot-dip galvanizing process relieves the stress in the steel tank incurred while being rolled and welded together.

Why are hot-dip galvanized tanks better?

Before our unique hot-dip galvanization process existed, customers desiring a longer-life corrosion-resistant tank were limited to applying an epoxy coating over bare steel or building the tank out of significantly higher costing aluminum and stainless steel. Epoxy coating—a commonly used process in the industry—has an inherent downside. If the coating is applied improperly or damaged, the steel underneath can become exposed which leads to unwanted and costly corrosion. Aluminum and stainless steel—although having extreme resistance to corrosion—have a much higher price tag, making it unfeasible for most applications.

Simply coating or painting the steel can improve the lifetime of your tank; however in combination with hot-dip galvanizing, you’ll find the greatest return on investment. Test results show that suitable paint coatings on galvanized steel achieves a synergistic effect in which the duplex coating (painting coating life + estimated galvanized life) lasts up to 3 times as long as an equivalent painted steel tank. Don’t you want your tank to last 3 times longer? We thought so.

Despite all the research and development focused on eliminating corrosion, galvanized coatings on steel used in submersed applications—such as our hot-dip galvanized tanks—is still one of the best methods of corrosion protection available. The hot-dip galvanization process involves complete submersion of the fully-constructed tank in molten zinc which leaves the steel with a metallurgically bonded alloy coating. Talk about durability built from the inside out!

Working in harsh environments can take its toll on your equipment, but it is common for our hot-dip galvanized steel tanks to perform flawlessly in harsh water environments such as seawater for 8-12 years. That’s far longer than your average tank! Hot-dip galvanized tanks can also sustain wide temperature ranges as well as a pH range of 5.5 to 12 without suffering a higher rate of zinc corrosion. If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting tank, a hot-dip galvanized tank is the only way to go.