At TruckWorks we don’t just say we are different from others in the industry—the way we are built makes us fundamentally different. Not only are we family owned and operated, but our single facility is where all of our manufacturing and services are performed. This means that your project can be overseen from start to finish by the same people. People who truly care about engineering your truck to be built for your needs, and delivering on the expectations that were made that first day.

Backed by over 30 years’ experience, our team is filled with experts who will ensure your truck is built right from start to finish. We have mechanical design engineers on staff who are experts in creating 3D truck models in SolidWorks to test and analyze the durability of new and customized truck designs. We have expert fabricators who use state-of-the-art CNC machinery to manufacture the trucks with the most durable materials, and professional painters who use reliable and trusted products, like Sherwin Williams premium Automotive paints that not only look great, but last longer. It’s all done in-house and then reviewed by our team to ensure your truck was built right and as promised. This turnkey approach makes us fundamentally different, and we think it’s why we are recognized as true leaders in the truck tank manufacturing industry.

The other benefit that comes from our turnkey approach is that we don’t have the limitations that other body-builders might have. All of our resources are in-house which gives us great freedom and flexibility to develop unique solutions to meet your needs. We know that you face problems in the field, and we want to build a truck around your specific needs that will help you work better and more efficiently. Just because no one has done it before doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. We have the resources to create the perfect truck for you—the truck that will make you better than your competitors.

Our Turnkey Solution

How does TruckWorks guarantee their trucks to be powerful, durable trucks that will own the road? Everything is managed under one roof, meaning we are a part of every step, from the initial consultation to the delivery of your newly built tanker.

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Our Goal

Our goal at TruckWorks is to provide every customer with the best possible customer service, focusing on product quality, accurate delivery times and continuous support throughout the entire purchasing process. From the initial purchase to product support long after the sale is finalized, we strive for total customer satisfaction.

We look forward to working with you!