Your off-road water truck has several large jobs ahead of it, so it should be equipped for such. While your water truck should certainly be capable of supporting your day-to-day operations, it should also be engineered to enhance safety and efficiency while on the job. That’s where we come in. As leaders in the tanker manufacturing industry, we strategically align two things: the required functions of an off-road water truck and your own personalized needs, all to your exact specifications. You can choose from 4,000 to 10,000 gallon tanks, various spray heads, adjustable nozzles, pumps and more, to add to a new or used chassis for a high quality product that deserves its spot on the frontline. No matter what rough terrain your off-road water truck must travel through, fabricating your truck based on the characteristics of your operations will increase the safety and success of even the toughest water hauls.

We’re much more than your average tanker manufacturer. As a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM), we are setting new industry standards for how your truck should be built by incorporating advanced engineering design methods into our process. Integrating SolidWorks, stress analysis and weight distribution simulations help to combat common and dangerous challenges off-road water trucks face, such as rollovers. By designing a lower center of gravity to help decrease the possibility of vehicle rollovers, we are not only providing high quality trucks built to improve the performance of your water truck, but are engineering trucks to avoid unanticipated accidents. We truly care about how your next water truck is designed for all off-road applications, and we know it takes our engineering approach to deliver a truck built for the way you work.

Don’t settle, let alone pay for a water truck that’s loaded with components you don’t need or hardly use. Specify and own an off-road water truck designed with only the necessary components and your unique requirements to truly get the full value out of your truck. Nothing is worse than slowing down your business’ operations due to a truck that doesn’t meet your needs.

Ready to get started? Visit our Ice Road Truck or Water Pulls/Articulated Truck pages for our specific manufacturing capabilities and to view photos of past projects! We’re excited to work with you to provide a truck that will help do your job better.