TruckWorks uses personal information to enhance the overall shopping experience and providing you with better customer service. Positive customer identification allows us to contact the customer and ensure all their needs are met and handled appropriately and accurately. All personal information that we acquire is provided by each individual customer. It is this personal information, given to us by the customer that allows us to provide knowledgeable support by our customer service team. Benefits you may receive by allowing us to keep your personal information on hand include:

  • Sales or specials – You will receive updates on sales and/or specials.
  • New products or developments – You will receive e-mails regarding new products available or improvements to existing product designs.
  • Events – You will receive e-mails with trade shows or events TruckWorks will be hosting or attending.

Opting Out
You may withdraw your personal information from TruckWorks at any time. To withdraw your information email us at:

Security Policy

TruckWorks realizes the importance in our customers having confidence when using credit cards online. That is why we use data encryption to ensure that your online purchase is safe with us.

Encryption is a process by which we use software to make your credit card number and personal information unreadable to others during the order process. TruckWorks currently uses the industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption. We believe in keeping up-to-date with new technologies in order to provide the best security for our customers. That means when you shop online with TruckWorks, you’re buying with confidence.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable providing personal information online, please feel free to call us at 1-877-894-8757 or 602-233-3713.